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This has been a dream project for me, to work with my incredibly talented cousin Alice Hoffman and to pair my knits with her beautifully written and incredibly imaginative faerie stories. We began with and idea of collaborating and every time we thought of a new knit that would work with a story we were thrilled to discover they fit perfectly together. 

“A beautiful book that takes flight and transports knitting to a magical place. I was enchanted by it all”—Nicky Epstein

"If you want to enter a world of magic and mystery through stories that will keep you spellbound, you will want to own this small engaging treasure.  If you are a knitter, there is an added bonus.  Memorable and transformative hand knit pieces, complete with knitting instructions, are cleverly woven into the central theme of each tale" - Shirley Paden

"How fairy tales are told and remembered has a great deal in common with knitting traditions. It is no mistake that we describe storytelling as knitting a tale, or weaving a story, or spinning a yarn.”—Alice Hoffman, from the Introduction of Faerie Knitting.

Featuring fourteen original fairy tales, Faerie Knitting is an entrancing collection of stories of love and loss, trust and perseverance. Seamlessly woven into the plot of each tale is a magical garment or accessory inspired by the bravery and self-reliance of the tale’s heroine and brought to life through an imaginative and bespoke knit pattern.

From the Blue Heron Shawl and the Love Never Ending Cowl, to the Three Wishes Mittens and Amulet Necklace, each project is as wearable as it is magical. Lush, atmospheric photography captures the enchanted faerie domain while beautifully rendered charts and instructions are well suited for beginner and advanced knitters alike.

Presented in an elegant  linen style case with foil accents that evoke the fairy tale tradition, Faerie Knitting is a rare gift for creators—and lovers—of magic.

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