2/1/18 Its February...middle of winter, cold and dreary in NYC. Luckily our knitting with beautiful colors and fibers, and great friends, can certainly cheer us up! This week we had a record number of students under the String chandelier for Directed Knitting, working on some awesome projects. Some students are finishing up beautiful lace and cable pieces, some are in the midst of sweaters, some are starting baby blankets for new arrivals. The table was buzzing with news, sharing of ideas, and show & tells. 

Directed Knitting is a class, taught by Lisa Hoffman, that guides students through projects from conception to completion. A student can work at their own pace at their own level, or choose a project as a group to work at the same time. Students are encouraged to learn a new skill with each project, becoming more confident and capable through their experiences in the class. We have a Facebook page to promote the class, to share students completed projects as well as WIPs (works in progress), and to collaborate on ideas for new and exciting designs to knit/crochet and techniques to learn.

10/15/17   I got a "shout out" on the weekly String email....

If you are local to NYC, or even just visiting for a few weeks, and interested in joining my class, please click the link below. 

5/7/18  Three talented students doing a KAL for the Sand Waves Poncho by Norah Gaughan in beautiful June Cashmere. They are reading charts, using lifelines and progressing nicely. I am so proud!

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